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Crazy Porn Star Whore Amber Rayne Gets Her Skull Fucked

Posted by – June 20, 2014

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Gagging whore pornstar Amber Rayne is a real cock lover and she gets dick stuffed in all her holes for this one. She is flanked by two guys, each one trying to outdo the other by going as deep as possible on her gullet. She absolutely loves to be abused and these guys are more than willing to oblige.

She is one crazy girl, she loves to swallow, she really gets her tonsils bashed. Skull fucked and then she is fucked in her ass. Great double penetration and then a big cum facial all over her pretty face. Check out this classic update at FacialAbuse, this is one of those updates you should have seen by now! There is also a picture gallery here.

Black Whore Moesha Gets Her Throat Pumped By Two Nasty White Boys

Posted by – June 19, 2014

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This is the second time for black ghetto slut Moesha; she is taking on two big angry white cocks in this interracial gagging porno. On her knees she assumes the position and these nasty white boys start to pummel her throat deep. The action is relentless; they constantly go to the balls making her choke hard while the bellend bashes at her tonsils.

You can see from the pictures that all the angles and all the positions were used. She is chugging down the dick on her back, on her front being used and abused. Her tight ass is fucked for some anal sex before these white boys unload all over her face leaving her with a dripping facial. Check out GhettoGaggers.com for more!

Intense and Brutal Face Fucking Video With Porn Star Tory Lane

Posted by – June 18, 2014

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I love these classic updates so here we are with famous pornstar Tory Lane. She is a crazy slut that’s for sure; she loves extreme sex so this is a perfect setup. Two guys with big dicks start destroying her throat, she takes them both right down to the hilt and pukes her guts up all over the place.

Ruthless throat fucking, this is how a top porn star does it so watch and learn. After the throatjob comes the brutal double penetration, her ass and pussy are well and truly fucked hard. A double jizz facial ends things off. This really is a scene you don’t want to miss; it’s very intense and intensifies as the scene progresses. Check out the picture gallery here and then visit FacialAbuse.com for the full uncut video.

Hot Petite Ebony Whore London Storm Throat Fucks and Pukes

Posted by – June 17, 2014

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Petite ebony London Storm is the latest black bitch to get her throat ripped up by nasty white boys. Down on her knees ready to gag on Pauly Harker’s 10 inch cock he wastes no time pumping her throat right down to the balls. Straight away there is snot coming out of her nose and puke pouring out of her mouth.

Yes this is a rough throatjob scene with plenty of gagging action. Just look at those pictures, she pukes up all over her face. This was not an easy shoot for this whore; she was pushed to her absolute limits. Her pussy is then pumped hard and her face covered in plenty of hot jizz. Check out GhettoGaggers.com to see the full uncut video.

Brutal Throat Fuck Make Giantess Whore Indigo Lotus Cry

Posted by – June 16, 2014

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This is amateur slut is Indigo Lotus and she is what is known as a giantess, she is very tall for a woman at 6 foot 1 inch. She is very big and doofy, this is her first ever time doing a porno. She says she is doing it for the cash but this is not going to be an easy ride.

On her knees she takes the big 10 inch dick down to the balls. There is lots of coughing and choking as this dick bashes at her tonsils. Throat fucked from every position she is certainly pushed to her oral sex limits for this one. She cries a lot throughout, she gets very emotional and the slaps to the face certainly didn’t help. Check out FacialAbuse.com for the full scene.

Black Bitch Sapphire Ghetto Gagging A Big White Dick

Posted by – June 13, 2014

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Ebony whore Sapphire gets her hands cuffed behind her back and then her face fucked with Bootleg’s big cock. He really jams his dick into her mouth and throat, lots of gagging and choking sounds. This is the best when it comes to interracial throatjobs. His bellend smashes her tonsils with every stroke and eventually he is going balls deep on her gullet.

On her back, on her front, the deepthroat is absolutely relentless. There is stringy drool coming out of her mouth, pints of saliva pouring all over the dick. Her pussy is fucked and then her face soaked in cum. You can check out the picture gallery here and the full update is available at the infamous GhettoGaggers.com.

Pornstar Mandy Muse Gets Her Throat Ripped and Butt Penetrated

Posted by – June 11, 2014

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This is up and coming Latina pornstar Mandy Muse. She is famous for her big bubble butt and her anal fucking. Today she is about to experience the most brutal skull fucks of her career. This 19 year old teen gets her throat absolutely destroyed from all angles. Pauly Harker’s big 10 inch cock is thrust into her mouth all the way down to the hilt.

Just look at the pictures, she is getting stuffed right down to the ball sack. Her mascara streams down her cheeks as saliva pours from her mouth, this is brutal stuff. The ass fucking was just as intense; no wonder this slut is the new butt queen. Check out this new update at the brilliant LatinaAbuse.com.

Degenerate Teen Slut Molly Smash Gets Her Throat Fucked So Hard She Pukes

Posted by – June 10, 2014

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It’s amazing how far teens will go these days and this video from Facial Abuse is just an example. Meet Molly Smash, a degenerate slut who just turned 18 about 3 days ago before doing the most extreme porno on offer. This whore is covered in piercings and tattoos and things just get really nasty and really messy.

The throat fucking is so intense she barfs everywhere; her tonsils get bashed relentlessly from every angle and every position. Her waiting face is then plastered with jizz. This is one of the messiest scenes you will ever see, very nasty stuff. Check out the picture gallery here. The full video can be found at FacialAbuse.com for the most extreme throatjobs imaginable.

Ebony Whore Kennedy Monroe Chugs Down A Big White Cock

Posted by – June 9, 2014

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Here is the very latest update from the infamous interracial deepthroat site GhettoGaggers.com. This black whore is Kennedy Monroe; she takes after her mother who was also a hooker. Today she was in for a real shock, she was making money the hard way, she has never puked on a cock before, this is a first. The face fucking is extreme to say the least, a big white cock jammed down her throat.

She admits to being a submissive slut and that’s exactly what goes down here. That dick bashes at her tonsils from all angles and she is soon barfing up. Her pussy is ripped up hard before she gets her face covered in plenty of creamy jizz.

Amateur Slut Charlie Stevens Takes A 10 Inch Cock Down Her Throat

Posted by – June 6, 2014

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This is a good update from Facial Abuse; this amateur slut is Charlie Stevens. She learnt how to do extreme deepthroat in this update and she got plenty of abuse from Jimmy Hooligan. Pauly started to slam her throat deep and hard almost going to the hilt. They bring out Barney the double headed dildo and start training up her throat.

Soon she is taking Pauly’s 10 inch dick all the way to the balls. Her eyes are literally popping out of her skull. The gagging and choking sounds are intense; this slut is turned into the ultimate submissive whore. Great oral sex action from every possible position and angle. Don’t miss this latest update at FacialAbuse.com.

Two Nasty White Boys Skull Fuck Chubby Ebony Astaris Borne

Posted by – June 5, 2014

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This chubby black slut is Astaris Borne and this is her first ever porno. She wasn’t messing about though; she is taking on two big white cocks in this scene. These nasty white boys were showing absolutely no mercy as they both attack her throat with their angry cocks. This slut admits to be desperate for cash that is why she is doing porn.

She was an obedient bitch, the puke started flying out of her gut when the dicks started bashing her tonsils. From every position and every angle these guys slammed her making her feel worthless. The end result was two big loads of cum all over her face. Check out GhettoGaggers.com for the full update!

Ghetto Bitch Jalisa Gets Her Throat Fucked With An Angry White Cock

Posted by – June 4, 2014

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You are going to love this update with ebony whore Jalisa. She really gets her face pounded by white cock. The big white dick is thrust balls deep into her mouth and throat, there is plenty of saliva and then she pukes up. Just watch the video, on her front she is going balls deep, the bellend bashing her tonsils.

She is a ghetto as they come, a real hood banger. She does well in the scene though; she sure can take some abuse. After the intensive throatjob action she gets her pussy ripped up. Be sure to check out Ghetto Gaggers for the hardest interracial skull fucking imaginable. These Ghetto bitches are pushed to their absolute limits!

Hot Slut Danica Dillion Gets Her Throat Stuffed and Her Ass Ripped Up

Posted by – June 2, 2014

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This is the second update at Facial Abuse for pretty little whore Danica Dillon. Down on her knees she starts sucking & choking on that big dick. Bootleg is ruthless with the face fucking, he really slams her throat & gullet, she takes it all the way to the hilt, balls deep. This is so hot; she stares deep into the camera as she gags on that dick.

Lots of angles and lots of positions she gets her throat ripped up. After the oral sex comes the rough anal, yes this pretty slut gets her tight ass ripped up. Her face is then coated in plenty of man jizz; you can see the picture gallery to this update here. You can also check out all 3 of her scenes at FacialAbuse.com.

Asian Ebony Whore Kailie Lee Fucked In The Throat and Ass

Posted by – May 30, 2014

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This is Kailie Lee a hot slut who is mixed race of black and Asian. This is her first porno and she is really stepping out of her comfort zone by doing this. Pauly Harker was here to stuff her throat and make this ebony whore gag. This slut’s limits were certainly tested as that big cock notched into the back of her throat.

Plenty of slapping, plenty of puke, this ghetto whore was truly abused. Great anal fucking too, she gets stuffed right up her ass. Her face is then soaked in plenty of creamy jizz. You can check out the picture gallery here or visit GhettoGaggers to download the full movie uncut! Check out the picture gallery here.

Black Slut Jacqui Banks Love To Gag On 10 Inch White Cock

Posted by – May 27, 2014

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Here we go with another great interracial skull fuck and this time on the couch we have Jacqui Banks who confesses to loving white cock. She is up against Pauly Harker’s big 10 inch dick which is immediately stuffed down her waiting throat. This slut sure has some oral skills because she can take it and take it she does right down to the hilt.

Things get super intense when she is put on her back and her mouth is then fucked like a pussy over and over again. Her eyes start popping and drool starts pouring out of her mouth. After the brutal gagging session her tight black pussy is ripped up good and she takes a big load all over her face. Check out Ghetto Gaggers for more.