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Cierra Jade is in for a shock, she is a complete amateur who has never done anything like this before. She is diving in at the deep end as Pauly is on hand to shove his huge 10 incher right down the back of her throat. She chokes and gags violently as he rips up her throat with pure aggression. She is totally overwhelmed as the action moves to a new position.

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Jade Rose is a chubby blonde whore who can certainly deepthroat. Right from the start she is chugging down two hard cocks right down to the hilt. The action is relentless as these guys take it in turns slamming their big hard tools as deep as they can down her throat. A large dildo is even stuffed in there for good measure.

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I think you are going to absolutely love this video and these pictures. Meet Yesenia Sparkles and see her getting that throat and skull absolutely annihilated by Bootleg and Pauly Harker. There is absolutely no let up from start to finish. Watch her gag and watch her choke as she is taken past her deepthroat limits and beyond.

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Alora Jaymes is back for a third time but this time she is taking on two big hard cocks with Bootleg & Pauly Harker. Fresh out of retirement Bootleg shows why he is a living legend with his brutal skull fucking technique, he shows no mercy as he opens up the contents of her stomach all over his cock.

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Lexi Jaxson is up next, this blonde stripped is treated from start to finish like a piece of meat. Pauly slams her throat with his giant cock, slaps her face and the cameraman hurls abuse at her. She is in for a rough ride for sure. This trashy blonde is throat fucked so hard that she pukes up all over the cock. Her tonsils are bashed just a little too hard!

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Here is another amateur looking to make some quick cash by doing porn. She is late on her rent and so desperate she does the most extreme porno she can find. This wasn’t going to be an easy ride though as her she opens her face up and Pauly slams his big meaty tool down her throat. She gets totally dominated and degraded.

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I hope you are ready for another teen throat fuck update because here it is. Meet 19 year old Andie Adore, this total amateur teen slut has never done anything like this before let alone on camera. She is introduced to Pauly’s huge dong which is forced right down the back of her gullet making her choke and gag so hard.

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This is just a great update, a brilliant example of amateur face fucking. This slut had no clue how intense things were going to be as her face gets opened up wide by Pauly’s big hard cock. From every position and from every angle he makes her face explode as he penetrates that tight throat hole. There is plenty of slop pouring out of her stomach as this busty bitch gets her skull nailed.

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Hot pornstar Amor Hilton is looking to further her career by doing the most extreme stuff possible. Well she certainly found that today; maybe she is jumping in at the deep end with this update though because it’s brutal to say the least. Gio and Pauly Harker absolutely bring their A game here shoving their huge hard penises down her neck!

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This update sees the return of nasty little bitch Mindy Deep. She is back to go even deeper than before. Watch as she swallows Pauly Harker’s big hard dick right down to the balls on every stroke, what a dirty slut she is. In-between taking the hard schlong she gets a large dildo shoved down her gullet.

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