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Pornstar Nikki Chase In Nasty Face Fucking Threesome Video

Posted by – February 25, 2015

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Nikki Chase a pornstar looking to further her porn career by doing the nastiest videos she can. Well here it is, her most brutal deepthroat video yet, two big hard cocks are ready to slam her gullet and make her gag. She is a real pro; she has absolutely no problem taking both of them all the way to the ball sac.

Not only does she get her throat pounded out but she gets her pussy and ass penetrated too. Yes this dirty slut is a three holer; she is anally fucked and double penetrated for your jerking pleasure. Her waiting face is then dumped on with two loads of man jizz. You can see the full update now at

Camille Black Gets All Her Holes Ripped Up In Brutal Throatjob Video

Posted by – February 23, 2015

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Camille Black is up next, she is getting two big dicks stuffed down her gullet and things get real nasty. Flanked by the two dicks, she gets a big dildo stuffed in her pussy which she rides. Meanwhile they abuse her face slamming their meat inside her skull relentlessly over and over again until she is choking up saliva and spit.

The positions are changes and she is put on her back for more throat fucking. After all this brutal throatjob action she gets her butt slammed too. Not only that but there is double penetration both her holes are plugged real good. As always things finish off with a messy cum facial, see the full scene now at

Amateur Slut Lola Vaughn Pushed To Her Skull Fucking Limits

Posted by – February 19, 2015

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Here is another amateur slut who didn’t realize how extreme things get at Her name is Lola Vaughn and she jumps straight in at the deep-end with this one, two big cocks are forcibly rammed down her tight throat until she chokes and gags hard. She does pretty well to begin with, she takes them both down to the balls, until they are slapping against her chin.

As things get more and more intense she looks increasingly overwhelmed. Just look at the mascara streaming down her cheeks as the big dicks bash against her tonsils. She is then moved into the throat swab position and things become too much for her. After about 10 minutes of her taking two cocks in this position she calls timeout, but not before her face is coated in two loads of jizz. Visit for the full update.

BBW Adison Asher Is Brutally Deep Throated & Double Penetrated

Posted by – February 13, 2015

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Meet Adison Asher a chubby blonde whore who is willing to get all her holes fucked for your viewing pleasure. Two cocks immediately attack her throat, they go balls deep inside her throat and immediately make her choke. The guy grabs the top of her head and works his penis right inside her skull.

With two guys taking it in turns she is overwhelmed. They pull out a huge dildo and push it right down her neck until she chokes hard. The action is nonstop from then on; they take her through every position, on her back, on her front and totally humiliate her. She is double penetrated and anally fucked before taking two big loads all over her face. More at

Amy Aimless Is Face Fucked & Anally Penetrated By Two Guys

Posted by – February 11, 2015

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A new video from this is amateur whore Amy Aimless here to get all her holes drilled from two guys. She strips naked and shows off her cunt to the camera. Pauly comes in and shoves his meat deep into her tight throat hole. He fucks her hole until she can take it no more and then Gio takes over slamming her even harder.

They shove a huge double-ended dildo down her throat to see how far she can deepthroat. The action then continues, she is overwhelmed as they take her through every position and really pump the shit out of her face. Anally fucked and double penetrated things continue at a fast pace until she has her face soaked in two wads of cum.

Cute First Timer Gia Paige Gets Her Throat Dominated By Hard Cocks

Posted by – February 2, 2015

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Here is a real cutie, meet Gia Paige doing her first ever porno. She certainly loses her innocence in this one because the deepthroat is absolutely brutal. She is getting her throat hammered by two big dicks over and over again until she is choking and saliva is pouring out of her mouth. She does well to continue because she looks a real mess and the action only gets more intense.

From every angle they pound out her throat until her eyes are bloodshot. Soon its spit roast time, one dick pummels her tight throat while the other is stuffed balls deep in her tight quivering pussy. Things are finished off with an explosive cumshot; her face is soaked in wads of jizz. See the full update at now.

Redhead Slut Metal Kitty Gets Her Tonsils Bashed By Two Big Dicks

Posted by – January 29, 2015

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Third time’s a charm here is redhead slut Metal Kitty back again for more tonsil bashing action. She is getting all her holes screwed for this scene including some intense DP. As soon as the camera is rolling those cocks are thrust right down the back of her tight gullet making her gag hard. She takes them all the way to the hilt no problem.

Things start to get super messy; there are all kinds of throat slime and barf flying everywhere. In fact there is more mess in this update than her first two scenes combined. Great brutal face fucking followed by anal and double penetration. The finale is leaving her dripping with two big loads of jizz. Visit now for more!

Rough Throat Fucking & Abuse For Blonde Slut Lila Rose

Posted by – January 19, 2015

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Very submissive white slut Lila Rose is put through her paces here. Two guys with big dicks dominate her throat, slapping her face and verbally abusing her. This is super rough stuff, she is gagging and she is choking every time they penetrate her gullet down to the ball sac. Total humiliation, you can see in the video just how fucked up things get.

There is hardly any time to breathe as she is pushed from one dick to the next. This girl is pushed so far that she is in tears at the end. Tears dripping down he cheeks and sperm running off her face. I posted up the picture gallery for this update and you can see the full uncut video right now at

Video of Nasty Bitch Sasha Sweet Dominated By Two Big Cocks

Posted by – January 9, 2015

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Check out this great throat fuck threesome with dirty bitch Sasha Sweet. She is flanked by two cocks both of which are rammed down the back of her gullet. These guys are both super aggressive; they go balls deep on every single stroke making her cough, gag and splutter. She really gets abused, just look at her eyes pop and the saliva pour out of her mouth.

Next she is spit roasted, a cock is pushed into her tight little throat and another one deep in her pussy. She is certainly pushed to her limits in this update. The finale of course is two big wads of cream all over her face. You can see the photo update here and you can visit for more of the video.

Dirty Blonde Cock Sucker Lila Rose Does Hardcore Face Fuck Threesome

Posted by – January 8, 2015

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We have a new scene here with skinny blonde whore Lila Rose. She is shown exactly what skull fucking is all about as she is introduced to two hard cocks. They are both slammed down her gullet making the throat slime pour out of her tiny mouth. She is gasping for breath but the ruthless onslaught continues.

The positions only become more difficult, these guys want to go balls deep on every stroke. Turned upside down onto her back they fuck her skull real good. Coughing, choking and gagging she takes the big dicks all the way to the hilt. After the ruthless oral sex her pussy is pounded out and her face soaked in wads of man jizz. See more at

Layla Price’s Throat & Butt Are Penetrated In Brutal Hardcore Video

Posted by – January 5, 2015

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I know you guys are a big fan of this slut Layla Price and so am I. This is the second time she has appeared on and this time things are pushed even further to the extreme. Gio was on hand to show this bitch how aggressive he can be, he slams her throat so deep and so hard.

There are all types of goo flying out of her mouth as she chokes and gags. Next up is the anal fucking; this bitch gets her ass ripped up real good. After all her holes have been pounded out she gets her face soaked in cum. You can see the picture gallery for this update here and then check out for the full uncensored video!

First Timer Gets Her Throat Used & Abused By Big Hard Dicks

Posted by – December 30, 2014

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Here is one of the latest updates, a fresh new face with skinny blonde whore Erika Devine. She gets the rough end of two big hard cocks slammed down her gullet. Just look how brutal those pictures are. These guys are on top form, they are showing absolutely no mercy as they shove their huge tools down her throat.

Over and over again she is getting pounded out from every single position and angle in the deepthroat book. She does a great job however; she takes them both down to the hilt with no problem. Some very rough pussy fucking and then she gets her face showered in two wads of creamy cum. Visit to see the full update!

Horny Young Slut Jesse Taylor Is Face Fucked Into Submission

Posted by – December 26, 2014

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This is Jesse Taylor’s first video at; it’s the first time we see this amateur young slut gag on a cock. Pauly Harker shoves that big hard dick of his right down the back of her throat. Just look at those eyes pop as the dick notches in the back of her throat. She does a great job it has to be said.

Those balls are bouncing off her nose as she is flipped on her back and her mouth fucked like a soaking wet pussy. Her cunt is then penetrated hard and deep before she takes a big load all over her cute face. You can see the accompanying photo gallery for this scene right here.

Cock Gagging Redhead Bitch Beth Gets It Balls Deep

Posted by – December 24, 2014

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Bootleg shows us how to face fuck this redhead bitch Beth. He is very much on fire as he gags the fuck out of her throat vigorously. Soon there is slop pouring out of her mouth as he notches his dick into the back of her throat. Constant face pounding this 20 year old is starting to realize this is not easy money.

Her eyes are popping out of her skull and the sound of her choking on that dick is so loud. Things only get more and more brutal as she is taken through every position in the book. A very aggressive pussy fuck and then her face is coated with a wad of thick spunk. See this great scene now at

Tight Teen Throat Gets Fucked & Abused

Posted by – December 17, 2014

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If you like young sluts then this eighteen year old brunette could be just the ticket for you. This is a classic update from Blaire has never done a porno before, this is her first time and it was an unforgettable experience. In fact she starts crying her eyes out the tonsil bashing is so rough.

Bootleg and Big Red are on hand to pummel this girl’s throat into next week. They show no mercy as they notch their big dicks right into her tight teen gullet. Her pussy is then slammed so hard and so deep. The end result is multiple wads of jizz covering her face leaving her dripping, enjoy the video, I certainly did!