Japanese Slut Yuka Ozaki Is Ass Fucked & Deep Throated

Posted by – March 27, 2015

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Her name is Yuka Ozaki, she is a Japanese whore here to get all her holes ripped up. Two guys with big cocks are wasting no time as they jam their dicks deep inside her gullet. She coughs, chokes and gags repeatedly as they go deeper and deeper on her throat. Abused, slapped around and generally mistreated this Asian bitch is not having a good time.

They move onto her anus next, slam her tight ass and double penetrate here. Soon she is coated in two wads of jizz leaving her dripping and looking miserable. Visit FaceFucking.com for this latest episode and enjoy the most ruthless extreme face fucking hardcore on the planet today!

Hardcore Old School Interracial Face Fucking & Anal For Vanity

Posted by – March 26, 2015

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This video is taken from a few years ago; apparently it was lost but recently found on an old computer. Well here it is in all its glory, an old school style Ghetto Gaggers video featuring black slut Vanity. Bootleg and Big Red are here showing us how things are done when it comes to ramming cocks down the back of bitch’s throats.

There is plenty of drool and saliva as they stuff their meaty tools all the way to this slut’s tonsils. After shaking her big ass to the camera she is anally penetrated, her tight anus ripped up real good. Finally her face is covered in multiple wads of jizz. If you want to see how they did things back in 2007 then check out this latest video!

Gia Paige Returns For More Hardcore Face Fucking

Posted by – March 25, 2015

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This is a return visit for hot sexy babe Gia Paige. Another threesome, she gets both her throat and her butt penetrated for this video. Just look at her getting spit roasted, one hard dick is all the way down the back of her throat while the other one is balls deep in her rectum. She is collared like a dog, tied up in bondage so she can do nothing to resist.

Various other positions and angles are applied; she is constantly choking on that hard dick all the way down to the hilt. What a great scene, you can see her first update by clicking here. Of course you can see all the updates in full at FaceFucking.com.

Latina Puta Whitney Gunns Gets Her Tight Throat Ripped Up By Gringos

Posted by – March 24, 2015

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Ok so it’s been some time but we finally have a new update for Latina Throats. On the couch is Whitney Gunns, a 26 year old looking to make it big on the porn scene. She is of course diving in at the deep-end here as these guys dominate her mouth & throat. Great balls deep action, these guys are ruthless!

She starts crying when the action becomes overwhelming. Tears run down her face but the hardcore action continues right down her gullet. Her pussy is then fucked and she receives a very messy cum facial leaving her dripping with semen. You can see all the uncut movies of these Latin Putas chugging down gringo cock at LatinaThroats.com.

Jazzi Lai Dominated In Her Throat & Ass By Nasty White Boys

Posted by – March 23, 2015

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Back again with more humiliating and degrading interracial deepthroat courtesy of GhettoGaggers.com. Slapped across the face with talcum powder; shouted at, spat on and generally abused. Gio & Pauly Harker work their aggression out on her throat over and over again. Jazzi Lai looks totally lost after the onslaught on her throat; it’s really eye watering stuff.

This black slut is a three holer too; she gets her butt and pussy penetrated next. Double penetration, the ass is ripped up with one big white cock and the pussy with the other. After she has been double stuffed and her throat torn apart a double load is sprayed all over her waiting face. Check out GhettoGaggers.com for more action!

Hot Slut Felicity Feline Swallows The Big Dicks Down To The Ball Sac

Posted by – March 20, 2015

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I think you are going to love this new update; the deepthroat slut in question is Felicity Feline. She is pretty hot; she does the nastiest things though so prepare to be amazed! Two guys with big hard dicks are here and they are being slammed right down her gullet hole. She has her hands behind her back as they pump her throat with aggression.

Just look at those pictures and the video, the cocks are going balls deep, her eyes popping out of their sockets. After she has been penetrated from every position and angle in the book she takes a double load of creamy jizz over her waiting face. Check out the full uncut update at FaceFucking.com now!

Hot Ebony Kay Love Gets Her Throat Penetrated By Nasty White Boys

Posted by – March 19, 2015

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Two big hard white cocks find their home in the back of this black bitch’s throat. Her pretty little mouth is stuffed; they take it in turns to slam her gullet. Lots of shouting, lots of slaps to the face this ebony whore is getting it deep and hard. Saliva pours down her naked body and tear flow from her eyes.

This is unrelenting stuff, thrown on her back she gets her face fucked like a sloppy wet pussy. Eventually things get so rough that she ends up puking her guts up all over those dicks. Her pussy is the attention next and she is pummeled like she has never been pummeled before. A dripping white creamy facial is the finale. Check out GhettoGaggers.com for more!

Slut Kendra Kole Is Put Through Her Paces In Hardcore Throat Fuck Video

Posted by – March 18, 2015

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Here we are with Kendra Kole a slutty bitch with a small mouth. It’s amazing that those big hard dicks can fit inside such a small mouth and tight throat. But they manage it; slapped across the face and verbally abused she is forced to swallow those meaty tools down to the hilt. They even pull out the huge dildo to really test her limits.

She looks overwhelmed by ruthless onslaught, tears pouring out of those eyes and saliva dripping off her chin. It’s just total abuse from start to finish. They spit roast her, slam her cunt and then unload all over her face leaving her cum covered. Another great scene that you really don’t want to miss at the awesome FaceFucking.com.

Dirty Black Slut Tiffany Tailor Pukes All Over The White Cocks

Posted by – March 17, 2015

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Next up we have Tiffany Tailor, this skinny black girl is put to the test by Pauly Harker and Gio. They spit all over her; slap her face make her gag on their big meaty tools. She looks totally overwhelmed and is soon barfing up the contents of her stomach all over the place.

The skull fucking continues, right down to the ball sac she does a great job. Next she has a dildo stuffed in there and she is soon barfing even more. After some of the most intensive face fucking her cunt is ripped up and then her face is showered with two wads of creamy cum. Check out GhettoGaggers.com now to see the full uncut videos!

Hardcore Deep Throat Threesome For Busty Amateur Slut Naomi Clark

Posted by – March 16, 2015

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This amateur slut is Naomi Clark, she has a great pair of natural tits but she is unprepared for the onslaught that ensues here. She is surrounded by big hard dicks that are thrust deep inside her gullet making her gag and choke so hard. She coughs & splutters as those amazing tits bounce up and down.

She is put through her paces as various other angles & positions are deployed on her face. After getting her throat totally annihilated, attention turns to her pussy which they rip up deep and hard. Roughly spit roasted she then has her face is soaked in wads of cum. Check out FaceFucking.com for the full update and plenty more deepthroat hardcore action!

Deepthroat Queen Karmen Karma Works Her Oral Sex Magic

Posted by – March 13, 2015

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I’m sure you are more than eager for this update; finally we have the winner of the Throated competition. It’s Karmen Karma and I’m sure regular readers of my blog are well aware of her skills when it comes to oral sex. This video is no exception and it’s what won her the contest. She works the cock like a magician, sucking and throating it all the way to the balls.

Just look at the way she makes the entire penis disappear as she looks deep into the camera. She is certainly on fire; her mouth pussy works it and works it like crazy with her hands behind her back. She finally takes the guy’s load all over her face. Check out Throated.com to enjoy the full movie.

Sex Kitten Riley Reid Shows Off Her Cock Swallowing Skills

Posted by – March 12, 2015

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Here is the second place winner in the competition, its hot sex kitten Riley Reid. The 23 year old is an expert when it comes to swallowing down hard dick. She looks deep into the camera and works the hard shaft deep in her gullet. Lots of saliva and spit pour out of her mouth as she greedily swallows the whole thing.

It’s clear to see why she got second place, she is super enthusiastic. The guy wraps his legs around her head and she chokes. Her makeup streams down her cheeks as tears pour from her eyes. Various other positions and angles are deployed before she takes a big load in her mouth. Visit Throated.com to watch the full uncut video.

Horny Blonde Sarah Vandella Takes Every Inch In Her Throat

Posted by – March 11, 2015

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Recently the brilliant deep throat website Throated.com held a competition between 10 of the top cock sucking pornstars on the planet for a $5000 prize. So I am going to give you the top 3 winners. In third position came Sarah Vandella and we can see by this video and these pictures exactly why that was.

She is a true pro when it comes to getting her throat fucked. She takes every inch of the thick shaft down her gullet. Her eyes are streaming tears, makeup running down her cheeks. She gives an absolutely brilliant performance. Her passion for sucking cock makes the guy harder and harder. Visit Throated.com now for the full uncut video and stay tuned for the second and first place winners.

Video Of Mexican Puta Leslie Sierra Getting Face Fucked By Nasty White Boys

Posted by – March 6, 2015

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You may remember this Mexican slut Leslie Sierra for which I posted up a picture gallery a while back. Well here is the video so you can really see the deep throat fuck action that went down. The 20 year old is really put to work by two nasty gringos who flank her either side and penetrate her skull.

Its intensity from start to finish as these guys skull fuck her from every angle making drool pour out of her mouth and snot pour from her nose. Next her pussy is slammed vigorously before they unload all over her face. You really need to check out this classic update at LatinaThroats.com where putas are put through their paces by nasty white boys.

Abusive Face Fucking Puke Video & Deep Anal With Black Bitch Kayla Ivy

Posted by – March 5, 2015

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Kayla Ivy is back again for even more intense and brutal skull fucking. This video is from the picture gallery that I already posted up here. I think you are going to love the video that’s for sure. She actually says she loves being spit on. These guys unload phlegm on her before thrusting their rock hard penises down her gullet.

This is a very messy scene she ends up puking her guts up all over the place. Pretty gross stuff but you face fuck puke fans are going to love it. Total humiliation and total degradation she is really used and abused her ass and pussy tipped up. They jizz all over her face leaving her dripping. Check out GhettoGaggers.com for more.